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Kings Links: Hot start has Kings hitting the brakes on trade talks

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Kings are 4-1 but are heading on a tough road trip.  Here's just a little of what the internet is saying about the Kings and their good start. Sacramento starts season with new sense of direction
From Scott Howard-Cooper, the Kings have slowed down trade talks as they focus on the success of the team now.  There's also some excellent perspective on the moves the team made last year and why the Kings sought to make wholesale changes.

Washington Post: A close look at Rudy Gay's strong start for the Sacramento Kings
Ian Levy acknowledges Rudy Gay's torrid start to the season, but notes that it's probably not sustainable, especially as he's shooting more mid-range jumpers than last season.

Grantland: 10 NBA Lessons in 10 Days, Starring Boogie and the Sacramento Kings
Andrew Sharp is loving himself some Sacramento Kings basketball.

Cowbell Kingdom: The birth of a super star: DeMarcus Cousins
James Ham talks about Cousins' maturation and growth into the legitimate franchise player the Kings have hoped he can become.

Cowbell Kingdom: Ben McLemore, Nik Stauskas talk slow starts
Rui Thomas spoke with the Kings' young shooting guards who have struggled to find their shot in the first five games of the season.

A Royal Pain: A reason for optimism
While we're only 5 games in and it's prudent not to get too excited by Sacramento's start, there's plenty of reasons that we should be excited, as Kyle Robert points out.

USA Today: Isaiah Thomas on leaving Sacramento for Suns: 'I wanted to be wanted'
Sam Amick with a refreshing interview with Isaiah that doesn't just rehash the same old topics.  Thomas is honest and to the point as always.

On Twitter, Zach Harper notes that the Kings starting lineup has been crazy good on defense

And here's video of Carl Landry and Mike Malone from Kings practice yesterday: