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Basketball twitter reacts to the Kings win over the Suns

The best of last night's reactions.

Christian Petersen

Basketball twitter is a pretty loose concept, but for those of you who are unfamiliar it's the general term applies to the strong subculture of basketball fans who interact on twitter.  It's a combination of writers and fans sharing jokes, observations, and analysis.  And it's the tip of the sword when it comes to a narrative changing.  These are die-hard NBA junkies, much like the folks that fill the comments sections around here, except they represent a broader spectrum.  Let's see they're reactions to the Sacramento Kings being 5-1.

These are national writers.  These are fans of other teams.  These are unbiased observers.  And they all think what is happening in Sacramento is amazing.  We aren't just being homers, this is something special.  And the broader view of the Kings is beginning to change.