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DeMarcus Cousins Restrains Michael Malone, Keeps Kings In Game

A moment in time that could prove to be more important than any of us realized.

With just 34 seconds remaining in a tied ballgame against the Phoenix Suns, Sacramento's biggest star was relegated to the bench.  DeMarcus Cousins had just found himself on the wrong end of a VERY questionable whistle last night, when he fouled out of the game on a moving screen call.

Disappointed in the call but accepting his fate (Boogie was upset and rightly so), he kept his poise and headed back to the bench. Michael Malone was not dealing with the news that he'd just been robbed of his best player's presence quite as well however. That's when DMC noticed his coach, in full on MALONE RAGE MODE, heading on to the court to confront the officials. And we were treated to the highlight of the year. The kind of highlight that lets you know this whole thing isn't just a dream.

Boogie jumped into action, ran onto the court, restrained his head coach, and pulled him back to the sideline. DeMarcus quickly calmed Malone down, got his head back into the game, and started encouraging the team to push ahead. And they DID!! In a moment where a hasty decision could have cost his team a win, Boogie Cousins grounded the Kings and kept them on course. This was a DeMarcus Cousins we'd never seen before. Not like this. Not in such a pivotal moment.

Last year's DeMarcus Cousins would have probably exploded. But, it's how THIS YEAR'S DeMarcus Cousins dealt with adversity, that perfectly encapsulates his growth and maturation. In a field where he's largely without rival, he had been his own worst enemy. In previous seasons it's seemed as though the only player who could stop DeMarcus Cousins... was DeMarcus Cousins. In 2014-2015 however, Demarcus Cousins is UNSTOPPABLE.

Because if DeMarcus Cousins can't even stop DeMarcus Cousins... who can?