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New renderings show a whole new Downtown Plaza

Plans for a 16-story, mixed-use tower near the new downtown arena gives the heart of Sacramento a whole new look.

Via Sacramento Planning and Design Commission staff report

The Sacramento Planning and Design Commission this week heard plans for a new 16-story, mixed-use tower including a 250-room hotel, 69 dwelling units, 35,000 square feet of office and approximately 45,000 square feet of retail near the new downtown arena location.

The project, presented by the Kings and JMA Ventures, is slated for the space in between 4th and 7th Streets to the east and west, and J Street to L Street on the North and South. The project has three parts. First, between 6th and 7th street, the scope of the project is comprised of a renovation and addition to the existing 24 Hour Fitness. The new 16-story, mixed-use tower is envisioned between 5th and 6th Streets along J Street. The existing retail structure at 5th Street would be replaced with two levels of new retail structures, and the existing retail located west of 5th Street is envisioned to be renovated and added to, including the existing movie theater, according to the staff report.

The Kings expect the project, which would share the new arena's plaza area, to cost roughly $250 million, according to Dale Kasler of The Sacramento Bee.

The Kings released several renderings, here is one of them.

Mixed Use Rendering

To view more renderings, click here.

The project would be part of "The Entertainment and Sports Center Special Planning District." The goals of this district include developing up to 1.5 million square feet of mixed-use development (office, hotel, retail and residential) and to "Develop property in a manner to respond to, support, and further the unique site conditions and adjacency to the Entertainment and Sports Center."

The project will be heard by the planning commission on Feb. 26 for approval with construction slated for March.

As for the arena project itself, the storm systems that recently moved through Northern California caused construction to be temporarily shut down as a preparatory measure. All major equipment (e.g. drill rigs, cranes and excavators) were moved to paved surfaces in case of flooding. Seasonal weather was factored into the planning so this will not affect the overall schedule, according to the Kings.

Here is a photo of what things are looking like at the construction site, via the Kings.


As construction gets going again, the crew will continue pile drilling foundation work. The Kings have previously said that steel beams will be in place by February or March and the shell of the arena will begin to take shape next summer.