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Rudy Gay on Kendrick Perkins: 'He's a clown to me'

Kendrick Perkins wasn't impressed with the Kings earlier this season. Rudy Gay is not impressed with Kendrick Perkins.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this season, Kendrick Perkins discredited the Kings' fast start with some foul language.

The Kings had a record of 5-1 at the time and the Thunder sat at 1-5. Perkins and the Thunder, who were without the services of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, went on to defeat the Kings 101-93.

The Thunder play the Kings again Tuesday in Sacramento and Rudy Gay shared his thoughts on Perkins with us leading into the matchup.

"He might as well play with his face painted, he's a clown to me. Quote that, you can quote that, he's a clown to me, he might as well play with his face painted," Gay told Sactown Royalty.

I took Rudy's advice here and quoted him on that.

The Kings (11-13) and Thunder (10-13) now have nearly identical records. DeMarcus Cousins missing the last nine games and the Thunder getting Durant and Westbrook back have played a large part in that, of course.


Perkins has responded to Gay's comments.

Tuesday should be interesting...