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DeMarcus Cousins expected back on Thursday against Milwaukee Bucks

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

How about a little good news on this rainy day in Sacramento, Kings fans?  DeMarcus Cousins is almost back!  Jason Jones reports that the current plan is for Cousins to be back in the lineup for Thursday's home game against the Milwaukee Bucks and that he will be under a minutes restriction for that game.  Cousins has been out the last 9 games with a bout of viral meningitis.

Cousins has yet to speak out about Michael Malone's firing, and as Jones points out, there's no reason to suggest that Cousins is happy with it.

The only players to have said anything at all as of yet have been Jason Thompson and former King Isaiah Thomas.

Regardless of what you think about the firing (and the general consensus is shock), it will be good to see Cousins back on the court and soon.  Sacramento was 9-6 with Cousins before he fell ill and will hopefully be able to recapture some of the momentum they had earlier this season as he gets back into game shape.