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Should Kings fans boo Vivek?

There's a lot of booing being discussed, but is it worth it?

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

In the wake of Michael Malone being fired by the Sacramento Kings, there's a rising sentiment that Vivek should be booed at Tuesday's ceremony to retire the jersey of Peja Stojakovic. My stance on booing is well documented, but please do not treat this as me telling you how to be a fan. I'm going to lay out pros and cons. Chime in if I missed anything.


  • Makes you feel good for sticking it to the man. It's visceral and primal and loud.
  • Expresses displeasure in a way that is ultimately harmless
  • Ensures management knows how you feel
  • Most of us really liked Michael Malone, and feel he shouldn't have been fired
  • Vivek may or may not force the Kings to play 4-on-5 defense
  • Vivek saved the Kings from relocation
  • Vivek is driving the construction of a new arena that will house the Kings for 30+ years
  • Prior moves that were risky/unpopular have paid off for this team
  • Booing Vivek during Peja's jersey ceremony is going to make Sacramento look bad
  • Trust me, social media had made the fan sentiment on this deal very well known to Vivek
  • Vivek saved the Sacramento Kings from relocating to f***ing Seattle. C'mon guys.
Think about it. Weigh the pros and cons. Then do you.