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George Karl is apparently the frontrunner to be the next Kings coach

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

In the aftermath of the Sacramento Kings' stunning decision to fire Coach Michael Malone, the biggest question (aside from "Why?") has been on his successor.  While many names have been thrown out, including Vinny Del Negro and Mark JacksonGeorge Karl is the name that is being bandied about most often.  Karl himself added fuel to the fire in an interview on SiriusXM today saying, ""I'm humbled. If they're interested in me, I'm interested in them."

Kings GM Pete D'Alessandro and Karl have a connection from Karl's previous stop in Denver, where he coached for 9 seasons and led the Nuggets to the playoffs in all of those years.  He's a very creative offensive coach and is known for his fast-paced up and down teams, with his Nuggets teams having a top 5 pace in every year but one that he coached them.

Karl is also one of the winningest coaches in NBA history, with an all time record of 1131 wins and 756 losses over 25 seasons which put him at 6th in the record books for most wins as a Coach.  He's also reached the playoffs in 22 of those year and the NBA finals once with Seattle in 1996.

There are other considerations to keep in mind however.  Karl would instantly be one of the oldest coaches in the NBA, turning 64 years old in May.  Gregg Popovich is the current oldest coach in the NBA, turning 66 in January.  Rick Adelman recently retired at the age of 68, and that's about how old Jerry Sloan was when he retired a few years ago.

If the Kings do pursue Karl, it likely wouldn't be until after this season is over.  Until then, Tyrone Corbin will be the interim head coach and the Kings will probably do their due diligence and look at other names as well.  But it seems clear that George Karl is at the top of the list for now.