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Bill Simmons teases Mark Jackson as Kings coach, but multiple reports deny rumor

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Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

With Michael Malone's stunning firing the other day, it hasn't taken long for the rumor mill to begin churning out candidates for the next Kings coach.  Former Warriors coach Mark Jackson added to those rumors on Tuesday night with a post-game meeting with Pete D'Alessandro, Chris Mullin and DeMarcus Cousins after Jackson called the game for ESPN.

While Pete D'Alessandro denied that the meeting was anything but catching up with an old friend, Bill Simmons took to twitter on Friday night to make a cryptic, not-so-subtle tweets about Mark Jackson's future.

Now before you celebrate or panic, depending on how you view Mark Jackson, please note that this tweet has already been pretty heavily debunked by multiple local outlets (including this one) and reporters:

And for perspective.

If you haven't already noticed, don't get too caught up in the rumors at the moment, especially those from people who are not known for breaking news. I am sure this is just one of many more rumors to come. You may now go one with your lives.