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Kings are among the teams interested in Grizzlies Center Kosta Koufos

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Grizzlies backup Center Kosta Koufos has had a few suitors over the past year, most notably the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Brian Windhorst of ESPN also mentioned the Kings as a team that is interested in Koufos.

Koufos isn't a glamorous player, but he is an effective one.  Koufos is able to defend well on the block, rebound on both ends of the court, and also score efficiently in the limited touches he does get.  Koufos is a key cog for the Grizzlies as the first big off the bench, and they likely wouldn't part ways with him for anything less than another impact player.  Koufos is well known to GM Pete D'Alessandro, who was on the Denver Nuggets staff while Koufos was there.  While Memphis is unlikely to trade Koufos to Sacramento, the Kings could opt to go after him this summer in Free Agency, as Koufos is in the last year of his contract and making just $3,000,000.

Still, the interest in Koufos and Brooklyn's Mason Plumlee seems to indicate that the Kings are still searching for another impact big man, someone that can contribute on both ends of the court but is also young enough to be part of the core long term.