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Kings 108, Warriors 128, The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Kings headed down to Oakland hoping to bring home their first winning streak in weeks. Unfortunately, the Warriors came to play, and the Kings fell flat.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Sacramento Kings going into the Oracle Arena and beating the Golden State Warriors would be a Christmas Story for the ages; unfortunately the Warriors were the only team to show up, and they played as if they were Home Alone. In fact, the Kings seemed to have one foot out the door on the way to a mini Christmas Vacation. The Splash Brothers weren't hitting from deep with the regularity we've grown accustomed to seeing, only hitting three shots from long range between them. They didn't need to however, as the Warriors were allowed to Jingle All The Way to the basket pretty much all game. It's a Wonderful Life right now if you're a Warriors fan, while Kings fans, after the hot start, are more than likely going to have a Black Christmas. It seems they want to win, they live big, but when they get too content, they Die Hard.

While a majority of the Kings decided to take the night off, telling their teammates "I'll Be Home For Christmas, so please don't count on me." there were a couple of guys who showed up. DeMarcus Cousins gave effort all night, but Festus Ezeli seemed to figure out a way to contain him, (at least when the Kings weren't containing him themselves, by going far too many stretches without Cousins getting any touches). Omri Casspi, in his first game since December 6th, gave us the energy we have fallen love with. If everyone played with his passion, this game may have been a different story. I like having Omri back on the court. Love, Actually.

It was a happy holiday for the Warriors. Justin Holiday, to be exact (this one just fell into my lap). Yes, that Justin Holiday. Despite not existing before tonight, (or so I assume), Justin Holiday was great. Dropping a career high 18 points. Festivus Ezeli (that how you spell it right?), in for the injured Andrew Bogut also had a great night, dropping 15 points and collecting 6 boards. He also played some of the better defense I have seen on Boogie all season. As a team, the Warriors were like a bunch of Gremlins, pestering the Kings on almost every shot. Despite the Warriors going small, and darn Elf-like almost all game, the Kings were not able to capitalize, and the Warriors beat the Kings with a team effort through and through.

Outside of having Omri Casspi back with Boogie, there isn't much to be positive about from tonight. The Kings confidence looks shot. Tyrone Corbin will probably be Surviving Christmas, and maybe much longer. The team cannot rest their hopes solely on who may or may not be coaching the team. The Kings now have three days off to collect themselves before the Suns take the Polar Express down to Sacramento. That's right, Isaiah Thomas is Coming to Town. In the meantime, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, sing a Christmas Carol or two, and be ready for what should be an exciting game on Friday!