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Saying Goodbye to the Good, the Bad and the Ugly... at least for a little while

Nobody expects the sad Yeti
Nobody expects the sad Yeti

If you are a regular reader of this site, you may have noticed these past couple weeks that there has been no "Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" weekly review post for a couple weeks now.  I've been asked by several of you as to when we'll be seeing it again, and unfortunately the answer is that the Good, the Bad and the Ugly as you know it may not be coming back, at least not in its current iteration.

Allow me to explain.

I started the GBU posts as a commenter on this website, with the first one going up in the FanPosts just over five years ago.  It was a way for me to provide something of my own to the site and community that I loved and it grew from a simple weekly review of the team to a review of the team, the site and a very popular caption contest.  The series' popularity with readers is what got me a job on Tom Ziller's staff as a writer, and as such I owe it a lot.  Being on the StR staff, both as a writer and now editor, has afforded me opportunities as a Kings fan that I otherwise would never have been able to do.

Lately however, writing the weekly series has both been burning me out and adding a lot of stress.  I was in a very different situation five years ago when I first began writing these columns.  For much of the time, they were my sole contribution to the site, and a weekly commitment was not hard to keep.  I also was not working full time at a job that I would consider a "career".  Nowadays, I am working full time, as are many of the members on our staff.  Writing for StR is a hobby for most of us, even if it's one we're extremely passionate about.

Over the past couple months, writing the GBU has been less a work of passion for me than just work.  The posts themselves have grown so large that they take several hours to complete, during free time that has increasingly diminished over the years.  I don't ever like feeling like I'm "mailing it in", but that's what it's felt like during the last few posts of the GBU.  Because we cover most of, if not all, the news that happens, it often feels like I'm just rehashing something we've already covered in much more depth.  It doesn't feel like I'm adding anything new, and it's hard to be fulfilled as a writer when 90% of the reader comments under the post are caption contest entries (Please don't take that line as me blaming you guys for anything because I'm not).

I've always been proud of the fact that Sactown Royalty is one of the bigger NBA team sites despite the main subject being a team that has not won 30 wins in nearly 7 years.   We provide 24/7/365 coverage of the Sacramento Kings and provide a great outlet for the fans to express themselves.  I know this decision will not be a popular one (especially if the reaction my fellow editors gave me when I told them via e-mail is similar in comparison), but for me it's necessary for my own mental health and happiness.  I want to keep writing for this site as long as I can, but only if I'm enjoying doing so, and that wasn't the case with the very time-consuming GBU.

I don't want the GBU to go away forever.  It may come back at some point, revamped, streamlined, or under a different name or author.  The Caption Contest will almost certainly be in its own post from now on (and that will be weekly regardless of in-season or off-season from now on) rather than included as part of it or another post.  But after 109 posts in the series, each clocking in at well over 1,000 words each, it's time to say goodbye for now.  Thank you to everyone who has ever read, commented or rec'd any of my GBU posts.  Without you guys, there's no way I would have been able to keep it going for as long as I did.

Onward and upward.