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DeMarcus Cousins owes us no explanations

The outcry over Boogie not disclosing his illness is ridiculous, and borderline disgusting.

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Sports are strange.  In my job, a customer can disclose that they have a medical condition.  They can tell me this so that I have all the information necessary to do my job, and they can do this of their own free will and with no sense of shame.  And yet, if I make a note on their account, I'm in violation of Federal HIPAA laws and could faces major fines.  Yet when DeMarcus Cousins falls seriously ill, so ill that required hospitalization, we as fans have the gall to demand full disclosure.

"We buy tickets!  We buy merchandise!", we say, as though that gives us some sort of permission to know every intimate detail of a player's life.  It's an easy trap to fall into, since social media and the 24-hour new cycle ensures that we know exactly what players are doing in their personal lives at all times.  We know which athletes are dating which pop stars, we know which gender athletes are attracted to, we know intimate details of their salaries and medical history.  This is all accepted as common practice, because we're used to it.  But when you stop and take a step back, damn, sports are strange.

DeMarcus Cousins has never shown any indication that he's the type of player to milk an injury.  He's a fiery competitor.  If he's missing games, he's seriously injured, ill, or both.  He's not a guy who is content to collect a paycheck.  It's why he's become the dominant force that he's become.  So when Cousins missed games, it was only fools who were calling him out as being weak or soft or any other tired cliché.  And it's a bigger fool who says Cousins is to blame for the criticism, that Cousins should have disclosed this information earlier.

First off, it wasn't diagnosed immediately.  Second, it's none of our damn business.

I want Boogie back on the roster as quick as possible, but his health comes first.  NBA players entertain us while suffering through tweaks and sprains and bruises that would have most of us sprawled on a couch for a few weeks.  Even the "softest" of NBA athletes are enduring pain few of us might imagine.  And they do this to entertain us.  At the end of the day it's a game.  It's been built up into something much bigger, but it's still a game.

Get well soon, Boogie.  The game will be here waiting for you as soon as you're able to come back.  And I know you'll be back just as soon as you can.  Please don't come back a minute earlier, because you owe us nothing.