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Report: Kings to play Nets in China next season

The Kings will make an international trip next preseason.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

A big part of Vivek Ranadivé's bid for the Kings was increasing the globalization of the game and making the Kings a part of that, especially in India. We've already seen some of that this season with the Kings streaming select games in India as well as having an entire Hindi-translation of

Next year though, they'll be traveling to Asia where they'll play two preseason games in China against the Brooklyn Nets according to an exclusive report by SB Nation's NetsDaily. According to NetsDaily, an official announcement could come as soon as Sunday.

This game will pit the league's two teams with international owners (Russian Mikhail Prokhorov owns the Nets). This international game also explains why season ticket holders who recently renewed were only charged for 43 games rather than the traditional 44.

The Kings haven't played internationally in a long time, when they faced the Houston Rockets for two preseason games in 2004, also in China.

There had been some speculation when Ranadivé bought the team that the Kings might seek to play preseason games in India, but China makes more sense for now, as it's got the single largest basketball fanbase in the world. I still wouldn't count out the Kings playing games over there in the near future.