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Trade Deadline Predictions for the Kings and the rest of the NBA

The trade deadline is always fun because it heralds change and hope for the future. Let's have some fun and see if we can predict any of the moves that come by Thursday.

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Today around SB Nation we are talking about the trade deadline, which is this Thursday at 12 p.m. Pacific.  More accurately, we're trying to predict some moves that may happen.  More likely than not, we will be predicting a lot of moves that won't happen, but it's a fun exercise nonetheless.

To me, the trade deadline is almost always hyped up to be more than it ends up actually being, although we don't have much history yet under this new CBA.

Anyway, let's start off with the Kings.  I've already talked about a few scenarios I could see the Kings pursuing in my deadline breakdown yesterday, but as for actual predictions?  Let's first take a look at the Kings supposed want for a veteran Point Guard:

Prediction #1:

Kings trade Marcus Thornton to Cleveland for Jarrett Jack and C.J. Miles.  The Cavaliers rid themselves of Jack, who has been a terrible disappointment, and more importantly clear up future cap room.  The Kings get a PG who Mike Malone is familiar with, as well a test run of C.J. Miles, who might be a good value signing this summer anyway. UPDATE: I thought Thornton for Jack wouldn't work by itself, but it does, so I think that would be a more palatable deal for Cleveland.

Prediction #2:

Kings trade Travis Outlaw and Jimmer Fredette to Denver for Jordan Hamilton and Andre Miller.  The Nuggets get to give Fredette some burn, rid themselves of Miller, and the Kings get the vet backup they want as well as a young guy with potential in Hamilton.

Prediction #3:

Kings trade Marcus Thornton and Jimmer Fredette to Milwaukee for O.J. Mayo and Luke Ridnour.  The Bucks get two scorers on a team with none, and the Kings get two more ballhandlers as well as added bench depth for the future.


Now here's a couple predictions that don't involve the Kings getting PG:

Prediction #1

Kings trade Jason Thompson to Los Angeles Clippers for Jared Dudley and Byron Mullens.  The Kings cut salary going forward while adding a SG/SF who can space the floor and defend.  Clippers get a reliable 3rd big.

Prediction #2

Kings trade Jimmer Fredette to Oklahoma City for Derek Fisher, Trade Exception and Dallas' 1st round pick.  The Thunder only do this if they feel Fredette can help them win a title this year.  I think he fits really well with the Thunder, next to either Westbrook or Reggie Jackson.  The spacing with him on the floor along with Durant would be ridiculous and it'd be a great opportunity for him.  The Kings do this for the pick.


And finally, five predictions for the rest of the league:

Prediction #1:

Phoenix trades Emeka Okafor and one of their four 2014 first round picks to Cleveland for Luol Deng.  The Cavaliers have to know they're going nowhere this season and Deng is likely to leave at the end, so why not get something for him?  The Suns meanwhile add a veteran wing for the Playoff Push where there's actually a good chance he can re-sign. Phoenix has been after a stud wing for years.

Prediction #2:

Minnesota trades J.J. Barea to Golden State for Marreese Speights and Nemanja Nedovic.  The Warriors add a bench sparkplug, while Minnesota cuts some salary and adds a bench scoring big and a younger PG.

Prediction #3:

Philadelphia trades Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes to Phoenix for Emeka Okafor and one of the Suns 2014 first rounders.  The Suns get two players who would help them, with Hawes fitting in the exact mold of the kind of center they want and Turner being a good wing player.  Both players also are expiring, with Turner being a Restricted Free Agent.  The only long term risk for Phoenix is losing the pick, while for Philadelphia, they get worse now (which they want) and get another asset.

Prediction #4:

Detroit trades Josh Smith to Boston for Jeff Green, Keith Bogans and Atlanta's 2014 1st round pick.  The Celtics are looking to reload on the fly and they have plenty of assets to do so.  The Pistons meanwhile are having buyer's remorse on Smith, as he hasn't fit well with Drummond or Monroe.  Green is a more prototypical SF, and getting another pick is always good.  The Pistons also cut salary, as Bogans' remaining contract is fully unguaranteed.  The Celtics get an All-Star caliber wing to pair with Rondo.

Prediction #5:

Denver trades Kenneth Faried and Andre Miller to New York, and Anthony Randolph to Houston.  Houston trades Jeremy Lin and a 2nd round pick to Denver.  New York trades Raymond Felton to Houston, and Iman Shumpert and a 2018 1st round draft pick to Denver.  The Knicks are desperate for a PG, but the real prize here is in getting Faried, the energetic do it all big man who will be a restricted free agent after next year.  Houston does the deal to lower their salary obligations substantially, while not sacrificing any depth for the playoffs.  Denver gets a PG in return, a young SG prospect and a future draft pick.  I personally think they're getting the short end of the stick here but it seems like they're intent on moving Faried with how often his name comes up in rumors.


Anyway these are just some of my predictions, of which I can safely say most probably won't happen.  Feel free to use this thread to input your own predictions for both the Kings and the rest of the NBA.