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Report: Kings and Nets discussing Marcus Thornton for Jason Terry and Reggie Evans deal

The rumors keep on coming, and Marcus Thornton is prevalent in all of them.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The rumors continue to come hard and fast, and it seems abundantly clear that the Kings are trying their hardest to trade shooting guard Marcus Thornton.

Per Adrian Wojnarowski:

The Kings and Nets were also both reportedly in talks with the Cavaliers for Jarrett Jack.  Who knows if those talks somehow get worked into these talks.

From the Kings perspective, I like this trade, as while it's about the same salary and years (Terry has 1 more year at $5.85 million and Evans has 1 more year at $1.77 million per ShamSports)  coming back to the Kings, it chops it up into smaller, and thus more moveable pieces.  Terry is also much more equipped to play as a roleplayer than Thornton, and Evans provides the Kings with a defensive big man who is also a fantastic rebounder.  Terry's also got experience running the point even if it's not his primary role.

The Nets aren't averse to spending a lot of money for their team, and if they think Thornton can rediscover his offense on their bench, more power to them.

UPDATE 1:00 P.M.: As cerpy pointed out in the comments, Jason Terry had a 7.5% trade kicker activate when he was traded to Boston.  However the trade kicker can't activate again so it won't factor into this deal.

UPDATE 1:16 P.M.: Woj's story on the rumors is out now, and there's not much new other than that no deal is imminent and that the Nets don't want Jack's long term salary.