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Question of the Game: Michael Malone

Have a question for Kings head coach Michael Malone? Leave it in the thread and he may answer it tonight!

Rob Carr

The Kings are finally back in Sacramento and there is a basketball game tonight! The question of the Game is for Kings head coach Michael Malone.

Up until now, we had only done the Question of the Game with players, but I decided to switch it up for today's game and have you all pose a question for the coach. I will ask Malone the question that gets the highest number of recs (and how reasonable it is). The answer will then be posted right here in the thread.

Make sure to keep it to one question unless you have two questions that tie in together.

Malone has coached the Kings to a 18-35 record so far this season - not exactly where he had likely hoped the team would be at this point. Nonetheless, the Kings have had stretches where the improvement is evident. It will be interesting to see how he coaches these players (and the new players that come via trade) in the home stretch of the season.

So leave your question for Malone in this thread and start pressing those rec buttons!