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Trade Deadline Day is here, more moves could yet be made

The Kings will likely be working feverishly until the noon deadline to find landing places for Jason Thompson and Jimmer Fredette.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA trade deadline is just under four hours from now and the Kings are in no way done making moves.

Two players in particular that could be traded include Jimmer Fredette and Jason Thompson.  According to Adrian Wojnarowski this morning, the Kings are still trying to get an asset for Jimmer, with a 2014 2nd rounder the probable asking price.

Trading Jason Thompson is likely contingent on finding a 3rd team that is willing to take him on rather than Cleveland.  As we heard yesterday, the Cavaliers are willing to send Jarrett Jack to the Kings, but don't want to take Thompson back.  Finding that third team will be tough, but there are a few teams that I think could benefit from Thompson as their 3rd big:  Portland, L.A. Clippers and Golden State.  All three of those teams could also send lesser contracts to Cleveland in return.  That's just pure speculation on my part though.

Use this as an open thread for the deadline, we'll have posts on any Kings-related rumors or trades that may happen in the next few hours.