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Kings 105, Celtics 98: Kings Start Hot And Never Look Back!

Led by the stellar play of Isaiah Thomas and Rudy Gay, the Kings took the lead early and never looked back.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

If you're going to win despite turning the ball over a lot and not defending particularly well, you'll need to find a team who's willing to return the favor.  Enter the Boston Celtics.

The Kings jumped out to an early 23-16 lead, behind a great first quarter from their backcourt, and never looked back.  Isaiah Thomas and Ben McLemore played the entire 1st quarter and the Rondo-less Celtics didn't have any answers for them.

We'd heard Malone say that the McCallum will get a lot of run the remainder of the season and he was true to his word. McCallum was the first (and only, if we're being honest) guard off the bench. In fact, the first 6 minutes of the 2nd quarter was "RayMac and the Forwards."

We'd seen similar lineups in the past with Jimmer running point, but the lineup seemed to work better tonight than in previous attempts.  Presumably because Ray is a better ball handler and defender, the first of which becomes paramount when the second ball handler is Rudy Gay.  Ray didn't tally any offensive stats during his 11 minutes of play, but he defended well, helped maintain the lead, and didn't turn the ball over once.  He was tantamount to a "game managing" QB in the NFL. And if you ask me (which you did not), this isn't such a bad thing from your first PG off the bench.

Kris Humphries got under DeMarcus Cousins' skin in the second half.  DMC pretty much lost all composure in the 3rd, which caused DeMarcus to spend much of the quarter on the bench with foul trouble, but not before racking up his 12th technical foul of the season.  Cousins would eventually reenter the game in the 4th and deliver a pretty obvious elbow to Mr. Kardashian's chest (not obvious enough for the refs to see/call it). They are clearly NOT friends... though I have no idea where the distaste for each other stems from.  I expect to see some Dunleavy-esque "he's a clown" post-game comments later on. However, despite getting in foul trouble, DMC did finish the game with a respectable albeit quiet 13pts and 7rebs.

Carl Landry looked like the Top Hat of old and Isaiah Thomas and Rudy Gay were PHENOMENAL tonight!  The Pizza Guy tallied his 6th double double of the season (21pts/12asts) and Rudy was back to post-Canadian levels of efficiency (22pts on 8-18 shooting).  Also, IT and Thrilly D Williams treated us to an off-the-backboard-alley-oop that we BETTER be seeing on Sports Center tonight!

H/T to Gifdsports for the vine

Tonight was one of the more physical games of the season and devolved into a slobber knocker down low late in the game.  Both teams were turning the ball over at an alarming rate as well.  This really was the kind of game the Sacramento Kings would normally find a way to lose late.

It may not have been pretty... but we'll take it. Now get to dancin'!!

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