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Forever Silver Night Update: 550 kids are going to the game because of you

Kings fans put their money where their mouth is and donated 275 tickets to at-risk kids that the Kings matched, making for a total of 550 tickets donated!

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

A few weeks ago we challenged Kings fans to fill up Sleep Train this Wednesday with new commissioner Adam Silver in attendance.  If early returns are any indication, the 6th man did NOT disappoint.

There are very few tickets remaining and we may even be looking at a midweek sellout against the Toronto Raptors.  If you're still deciding whether or not to buy tickets, StR has learned that the first 12,000 fans in attendance will be receiving a commemorative photo/poster of the new arena renderings.

Now for some really AWESOME news.  From Jan 17th to 12am this morning, fans from around the world donated $10 tickets to send less fortunate children and their families to the Kings/Raptors game on Wednesday.  In a huge display of generosity, Kings fans donated enough money for 275 tickets.  And, as if that wasn't cool enough, the Sacramento Kings informed us that they will be MATCHING each of those 275 tickets!  Have you ever been more proud to say you're a Kings fan?

In total, 550 tickets will be donated to local charities and youth groups around the region.  Hundreds of young kids and their families, many of whom wouldn't normally have a chance to, will attend an NBA game on Wednesday because of YOU! MANY of these children will be attending their very first NBA game.  That's hundreds of smiles, hundreds of memories, and tons of BRAND SPANKING NEW KINGS FANS!

Let me be the first to send a HUGE thank you to Kings ownership and management for their generosity.  Make sure you do the same when you get a chance.  In years past sending hundreds of kids to a Kings game was considered an act of defiance.  THIS is how a team should respond.  THIS is the kind of thing that has been missing from this team for several years.

See you at the game Kings fans!  Remember to bring your cowbells and signs.  We want to show Adam Silver what Sacramento is all about.