Faded Memories of Tyreke Evans

Don'tcha all just love to go to Fresno for shits 'n' giggles? I went to Fresno a couple weekends ago to have fun with my new camera. While shooting scenes of abject blight in the historic Chinatown of Fresno, I found a forlorn and faded poster of Tyreke Evans in the "coming attractions" case in front of the decaying, under-utilized Azteca Theater. The squandered superstar potential promised by the Reke ROY campaign seemed strangely at home on this peopleless street as its neon signs of dancehalls and taverns testify to its past as a thronging hub of nightlife.

As a Central Valley city, Fresno shares more in common with Sacramento than with Los Angeles, but the most ubiquitous signs of NBA fandom in Fresno suggest that it's firmly within Lakers territory (a smattering of Warriors gear is evident, too). It is just barely in the southern half of the state, but there are Von's supermarkets here instead of Safeway, so maybe it makes sense as a Laker bastion. But regardless, this ghostly image caught me by surprise.

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