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Happy Birthday, Isaiah!

Today is Isaiah Thomas' birthday. Let's celebrate with some fun facts.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Today is Isaiah Thomas' birthday.

When Akis took over the site he mandated that this day be a paid holiday. For Akis only. He also mandated that a birthday post be put up to honor the Hustlin' Husky. Which brings us to the present.

In honor of Isaiah's birthday, here are some fun facts* you may not have known.

  • Isaiah Thomas was 6'4" but shrank himself to even the playing field for other NBA stars
  • Isaiah Thomas can probably juggle chainsaws
  • Isaiah Thomas is the poet laureate of the Sacramento Kings
  • Isaiah Thomas is a two-term congressman
  • Isaiah Thomas is not a pizza guy, he's the pizza guy
  • Isaiah Thomas spends his off days rescuing animals from burning buildings
  • Isaiah Thomas has never seen a lunar eclipse
  • Isaiah Thomas has written three symphonies
  • Isaiah Thomas once made John Salmons laugh
  • Isaiah Thomas speaks 14 languages
  • Isaiah Thomas can throw a football over that mountain
  • Isaiah Thomas stopped terrorists who took over the Nakatomi Plaza on Christmas Eve
  • Isaiah Thomas has a tattoo of Roy Orbison
  • Isaiah Thomas swims with dolphins
  • Isaiah Thomas sings like a cross between Jesus and Fergie
  • Isaiah Thomas has never lost a knife fight
  • Isaiah Thomas totally likes that band that you like

That's just a handful of facts* about Isaiah. There are plenty more. So join us in wishing Isaiah a happy birthday, and share some Isaiah facts in the comments.

*Who is to say what is and isn't factual, man?