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Kings vs. Timberwolves Preview: What is Love?

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The Kings end their road trip in Minnesota.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Our long national nightmare is almost over, as the Kings' seven game road trip ends tonight in Minnesota (4:00 pm on Comcast SportsNet California and KHTK 1140). The Timberwolves are a good team, but in the deep Western Conference, they are just barely cracking .500 and seem to be out of the playoff picture for the 10th straight season.


Ben McLemore vs. Kevin Martin

We all know that Kevin is a phenomenal scorer, and he's great at getting guys to bite on fakes and draw fouls, especially on jumpers. Last time these two teams met, Martin ate McLemore alive. I don't expect it to go too much better for the young guy today, but at the very least I'd like to see some improvement now that Ben has a couple games against Kevin under his belt. Kevin's a player I would very much like to see Ben emulate.


1. It's been a disappointing season for the Timberwolves, who finally seemed ready to step into the playoffs. It's really a shame that Minnesota doesn't play in the East, where they would currently be the 7th seed. Instead, they're sitting at 10th in the West, a full five and a half games out of the 8th spot.

2. The Kings, by the way, wouldn't be helped at all by playing in the East. The Kings current record would put them at 12th in the East. Of course, the Kings winning percentage against the East is over 10% higher. Make of that what you will.

3. In the wake of Minnesota's disappointing season, some Timberwolves fans are placing the blame on Rick Adelman. I think it would be a mistake to fire Adelman, but the team could be entering panic mode as Kevin Love's free agency looms after this offseason.


Pek's a scary dude.
Wouldn't want to make him mad,
or he might eat me.


Kings 109, Timberwolves 108 as Isaiah Thomas nails the dagger in Rubio's face as payback for the last time these two teams met.