3 Best Case Scenarios for the Future after This Year's Draft

After having inner debates on the whole Talent vs. Fit issue, I chose talent, only after I remembered what happened to the Trail Blazers in 1984. So, I decided that my top 3 players for us to draft were 1. Embiid 2. Wiggins 3. Exum. After following my mother around in a store waiting for her to buy something, I imagined some best case scenarios for each one and thought I should share them. None of them will happen(most likely) because we're not going to draft high enough to get them, or they just won't happen at all. So here they are for each player.

Embiid: We'd basically have to get the 1st pick to get Embiid, but it's nice to imagine. First of all, Embiid will (most likely) play PF next to Demarcus and create a Twin Towers dynamic. With Embiid at the PF, it will basically allow Cousins to just focus on offense and just do what he's doing now on defense, and it'll be perfectly fine with Embiid there. We won't really need to much of Embiid's offense with the core of IT/Rudy/DMC. We can probably expect him to have a stat line of 15/8/2 , and doing all of the little things. He will basically become our Robert Parish. Then with our defense in the paint being good, Ben learns how to make a jumpshot consistently(I'll be saying this a lot) and realizes his defensive potential(this too). Isaiah(probably earning 5-8 million per year) will have more options to feed so he doesn't have to think he has to try to take over, Rudy(with his hopeful extension that'll be for about 12 million per year) just bringing his smooth offense that'll probably be more efficient with 2 low post threats instead of just Demarcus. As our team get better, we use our future draft picks as chips for future trades or just use them to get solid rotation players. With our team being better people will pay less attention to Demarcus's outbursts and more on his game, and he matures just a little bit because he will start to feel like everyone actually isn't against him(yay for metaphorical Boogie!). Our offense basically becomes a nightmare to handle because we'll have 5 players who can create their own shot and for each other(if they feel like it). Our defense will be better with McLemore having the game slow down and a defensive stud like Embiid down low. It'll probably still be a bit of a weakness, but not nearly as bad as it is right now.

Wiggins: Probably need a top 3 pick to get him, but hey, let's step into the hypothetical. Instead of using Wiggins as a SF, we'll shift him over to the SG(benching Ben). This will be good for everyone really. For Ben, he can play against easier players and will have less pressure on him, and continue to develop soundly(plus more Ben and Derrick alley-oop sequences). This will overall build his confidence as an offensive and defensive player, and this will be big for us. Hopefully Wiggins learns how to make his jumpshots for he'll probably have a lot of off-ball duty, which he can easily do. He'll have much better physical tools to be a good defender and will also be killer for IT and Wiggins alley oops. We can probably stick a nice role player who can block shots at the PF spot. Either way Demarcus will figure out that he still has the ability to be a good defensive player and he works Malone to become our Marc Gasol(a middle class man's Marc Gasol) on defense. Then we can run a 3 guard lineup at times with IT, Ben, and Wiggins(Ben figuring out how to play defense and make his shots) with Isaiah having to guys he can pass to for nice jumpers. We can make Rudy Gay a stretch 4 in this lineup(if Paul Pierce can do it Rudy can do it) and Demarcus being at the 5. This can be our crunch time lineup with 3 guys we can go to for big shots(IT, Rudy, and DMC) and those 2 kickout guys(Wiggins and Ben).

Exum: Probably need a top 5 pick to get him. I actually thought of 2 situations with Exum. The first one is that he can play the SG for us and we can run a dual PG backcourt with a helluva lot of offense in it and a good defender in Exum. Same situation with Demarcus in this Exum scenario as with the Wiggins scenario. Same with Ben. Crunch time lineup can be IT, Exum, Ben, Rudy, and Demarcus. Another thing I thought of is Exum being the starting PG(allowing kingsraiderfuerte to swim happily in his shit thinking he was right all along) and bringing Isaiah off the bench as our super sub(we can all still agree that Isaiah was a kick-ass 6th man). Crunchtime lineup stays the same, and our starting backcourt can reek havoc on both ends.

So those were all the situations. Like I said, they were all best case scenarios that I imagined could happen but probably won't. Don't come at me with stuff like "Well DMC isn't and will never will be a franchise player so none of this imaginary shit will happen"(not naming any names but they rhyme with gookeypuru and lotis). I didn't really address how we would manage our salary cap and barely went into how our bench would turn out. I'll leave that for someone else to figure out. These are the top 3 guys on my draft board, so if you have anyone else in your top 3, tell me what you think can happen!

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)