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Another arena hurdle removed as Judge tentatively rules in favor of City in eminent domain case

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A Sacramento court judge tentatively ruled in the city's favor to take control of the Macy's men's store at the Downtown Plaza.

City of Sacramento

There aren't many hurdles left in the way of a new downtown arena, especially after STOP's arena ballot measure was stopped in court earlier this month.  Today, another small hurdle was jumped as a Judge tentatively ruled in the city's favor in an eminent domain case over the Macy's Men's store at Downtown Plaza.

The case was brought about as the city and the property owners spent months haggling over price but remained millions of dollars apart. According to the Sacramento Bee, the city offered $4.35 million for the property, but the owners were valuing it at $10 million.

From the Bee:

"There is an overriding need for the city to possess the property...and the city will suffer a substantial hardship if the application for possession is denied or limited," the judge wrote in his tentative ruling. "If the construction deadlines are not met, the project will be placed in significant risk."

This store was the last piece of the Downtown Plaza that the Kings needed to buy.  The Bee reports that the Kings have already paid $36 million to acquire the rest of Dowtown Plaza.  A final sale price will be decided on in a separate trial months from now, but the city is effectively in possession of the parcel immediately.