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Several Kings creeping up the franchise charts

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A look at where current Kings are in the Sacramento-era record books.

A recent infographic during a Kings game showed that Isaiah Thomas was climbing the Sacramento-era assist charts, so I wondered where current members of the Kings fall in these categories and if we'll see any records broken soon.

To simplify things, I'm only going to be taking a look at the Top-10 standings in each major statistical category.  All statistics founds via Basketball-Reference's Player Season Finder.

Games Played:

Jason Thompson is currently 8th all time in Games Played at 446, and should he play in each of Sacramento's 14 remaining games, he'll pass both Lionel Simmons and Vlade Divac, and will have a great chance of passing up Peja Stojakovic's all-time games played of 518 if he plays for the Kings next season.

Minutes Played:

Another Top-10 spot for Jason Thompson at 12,058, well ahead of 11th place Corliss Williamson (10,671) and should pass Doug Christie (12,223) this season.

Field Goals Made:

Thompson is 10th at 1,824, but he'll get overcome as soon as tomorrow by DeMarcus Cousins, who is 11th at 1,822.  Brad Miller is 9th at 1,871.

Three Pointers Made:

Before he was traded, Marcus Thornton was climbing up this list, and finished at 7th with 358.  Isaiah Thomas is the only current King on the list with 321, good for 9th.

Free Throws Made:

DeMarcus Cousins is already 8th in free throws made with 1,221, and given how often he gets to the line, he has a great shot of catching Mitch Richmond's 2,617 if he stays in Sacramento for the remainder of his contract.

Offensive Rebounds:

Jason Thompson is 2nd on this list with 1,071, trailing only Olden Polynice's 1130.  DeMarcus Cousins also makes an appearance at 5th with 892.

Defensive Rebounds:

Thompson is 4th on this list with 2,053, just passing up Peja Stojakovic's 2,051 the other day.  DeMarcus Cousins is catching up with 1,938 of his own, good for 7th place.  At the rate Cousins grabs rebounds, he'll likely surpass Chris Webber's leading total of 3,037 in a couple seasons.


No current Kings are in the top-10 assist chart, but Isaiah Thomas did become just the 16th Sacramento King ever to hit 1000 assists in the past week.  He's 5 away from tying John Salmons for 15th, but he'll have to be a King a long time to get anywhere near Mike Bibby's leading total of 2,580. One interesting note on Assists: How many franchises have three big men in their top-10 in assists? The Kings have C-Webb (5th), Vlade (6th) and Brad Miller (7th).


DeMarcus Cousins is an uncommonly gifted ballhawk, not something you see from most big men and as such he's 10th on Sacramento's all time list with 374, passing Tyreke Evans and Ron Artest last month.


The Kings haven't really had many shot blockers historically, as can be attested by the fact that Duane Causwell is firmly entrenched in first place with 695, well ahead of Chris Webber's 553.  Jason Thompson is 8th with 327, and he's trailing former King Francisco Garcia's 343.  Garcia was always a phenomenal shot blocker for a wing player.  DeMarcus Cousins should be 9th by season's end as he has 270, just 4 behind Olden Polynice and 10 behind Wayman Tisdale.


DeMarcus Cousins is already 6th on this list with 872.  He's the only one with a real shot of ever surpassing Mitch Richmond's whopping total of 1,465 (about 300 more than the 2nd place Webber).


Here's the fun one.  Jason Thompson is currently 2nd in fouls with 1,396.  That's just 8 away from tying Mitch Richmond's total of 1,404.  He'll almost certainly surpass that before season's end.  The record will likely eventually be taken by DeMarcus Cousins, currently in 10th with 1,082.


No current King is in the top-10 in points, although DeMarcus Cousins is at 11th with 4,874.  He could pass up Corliss Williamson (5,026) by season's end.  One note that surprised me is that Jason Thompson (13th) has scored more points than Tyreke Evans (14th).  It's only four more points but still.

Field Goal Percentage:

Carl Landry is the only one close to cracking the top-10 at 11th with .505.  The next highest up, Lawrence Funderburke, is at .506.  Mikki Moore is the franchise leader there at .566. Mikki. Moore.


Unfortunately there are no official record books for toe-on-the line threes (dominated by Mitch Richmond and Francisco Garcia), complaints to officials (Jason Thompson the clear winner) or dropped passes (another Mikki Moore category).