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Would Ben McLemore have won the dunk contest with 'Dee Brown' dunk?

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John Wall beat Ben McLemore in the NBA All-Star Game Dunk Contest, but would the outcome have been different if McLemore tried a no-look "Dee Brown" windmill dunk?

Ben McLemore and John Wall faced off in a game for the first time since the NBA All-Star Dunk Contest Tuesday night, bringing back memories of Wall beating out McLemore for the best dunk.

McLemore, of course, jumped over a sitting Shaquille O'Neal for his dunk, while Wall jumped over the Washington Wizards' mascot on his way to a reverse dunk. Following the Kings' 117-111 overtime win against the Wizards, DeMarcus Cousins said he thought Wall's dunk was better, but that if McLemore had performed another dunk he had planned to do, then he would have won.

What was that dunk? McLemore referenced Kings assistant coach Dee Brown's 1991 no-look windmill dunk, and agreed with Cousins' statement.

"Oh yeah ... I mean, I had a lot of things. I had like a nice little Dee Brown dunk, you know. Not the same, but almost the same way, but like a windmill then covering my face," McLemore told Sactown Royalty.

Here is Dee Brown's dunk. (He won the competition in 1991).

Here is McLemore practicing the Dee Brown dunk leading up to the Dunk Contest, via the Kings' Instagram account.

Here is Wall's winning dunk this year.

It has been well documented that the majority of NBA fans would have preferred a different format to the Dunk Contest that allowed the participants a chance at more than one main dunk. McLemore probably would have thrown in a Dee Brown dunk, with his own twist.

So what do you think?