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Kings down the Pelicans, win 96-89

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The Kings pulled out a win in what started as an ugly game.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The first three quarters of the Sacramento Kings versus the New Orleans Pelicans was nothing to write home about, but the Kings came to life in the fourth en route to a 96-89 victory.  But even if the game was fun down the stretch, this should not be mistaken for a good win.  Both teams played horribly, the Kings just played a little less horribly at the very end.

The Kings shot 47% on the night, while the Pelicans shot 42%.  The Kings had 19 turnovers in the game, with just 11 assists.  Seriously, just ugly.

On some positive notes, DeMarcus Cousins led the team in scoring.  He finished with 23 points and 12 rebounds.  Isaiah Thomas had 22 points, five assists, three rebounds, and two steals.  Reggie Evans registered a double-double, yes that Reggie Evans, with 10 points and 13 rebounds.  Reggie Evans is one of those guys you only like when he's on your team, but he's on our team so I am loving Reggie right now.

Ray McCallum had a really nice night, finishing with eight points, three rebounds, and two assists.  He also played some very solid defense on Tyreke Evans down the stretch.

Tyreke led the Pelicans in his old stomping grounds, finishing with 27 points, 10 rebounds, eight assists and a steal.

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In the meantime, dance, you fools.