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Carl Landry out for rest of season with torn mesniscus

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Carl Landry' season has ended early.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Carl Landry's first year back as a Sacramento King has been rough to say the least.  After signing a 4 year, $26 million contract this summer, he missed the first few months of the season after tearing a hip flexor.  He never really got back into game shape even after coming back, and now it looks like he never will, at least not this season.

First reported by Cowbell Kingdom's James Ham and later confirmed by the Sacramento Kings, an MRI has revealed that the sore knee Landry has been nursing for the past couple weeks is actually a torn meniscus in his right knee.  The injury will require season-ending surgery.

Landry was the Kings only Free Agent signing this summer, coming off a great year in Golden State where he was a legitimate 6th Man of the Year candidate.  The Kings had hoped his veteran presence and good scoring instincts would be a boon to their bench and team culture.

Landry's injury means more playing time for guys like Jason Thompson, Reggie Evans, and Quincy Acy, as well as possibly Royce White if he joins the big club after his first 10-day stint in Reno.

Get well soon Carl, hopefully you're in tip Top Hat shape for next season.