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Kings Ticket Offer Tosses Playful Nod To Vivek/Cuban Tech Debate

The Kings are offering you a chance to take a post-game photo with Peja Stojakovic April 6th, at a game they're calling #KingsSelfie Sunday!

Kings Airplane Selfie
Kings Airplane Selfie

Vivek Ranadivé and Mark Cuban were part of a panel at an All-Star weekend tech summit back in February where they discussed the pros/cons of encouraging fan use of handheld technology during an NBA game. Business Week wrote a great article on the debate and you should definitely check it out. Mark Cuban, who has a bit of a "get off my lawn" view point here, wants fans focused on the game and would like you to put your phone away. Vivek looks at that same "distraction" and see's an opportunity to enhance the fan experience with statistics and tools that allow you to order concessions or interact with other fans. Good or bad, social media's impact on the sport of basketball and the fan experience is undeniable and the topic makes for great debate.

In what appears to be a playful nod to their ongoing tech debate, the Kings are going to be encouraging fans to use their phones at the game even more this coming Sunday, April 6th. Going as far as using a hashtag in the branding of the event, they are calling the game #KingsSelfie Sunday.

Fans will be encouraged to take "Selfies" (I included a link to the definition for Section214) at the game, and post them to social media sites using the hashtag #KingsSelfie. They are even offering discounted tickets with a bit of SWAG for fans who opt to purchase tickets using this link:



In an attempt to fully flex their new-age tech muscles, the Kings are inviting fans who purchase tickets using that link to take a post game photo with Kings legend Peja Stojakovic! As exciting as meeting Peja is, a post game photo seems pretty standard right? Well... the photo is going to be taken by a remotely piloted aerial drone. Yep, you read that right, if you buy a ticket using that link you'll get to take a futuristic-aerial-drone-selfie with Peja. NBA 3.0 y'all.

Fans will also receive a "Viveking" foam finger, presumably to enhance their selfies.


So if all this tickles your technological fancy, make sure you buy your tickets right away.

And while we're at it, how do you guys feel about the use of cell phones at games?