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2013-14 Nostradumbass of the Year

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Another year of prediction contests, another winner.

Aimé de Lemud, Portrait of Nostradamus, 1840

Our second year of Prediction Contests was even more popular than last year. When I started this contest back in 2012-13, I wasn't sure it would be a long-term thing, but you guys have embraced it. More than 300 people participated at least once, and about 30-40 were regulars.

However, despite its popularity, I can't say that this year's contest was more successful, because alas, I have been dethroned.

I know, I can't believe it either, but it's true.

Your new master of prognostication, with a grand total of 217 points is adamsite, avenging his last minute loss to me from last year. adamsite held off a late flurry from highpostdime to win by 3 points. It came all the way down to the Preseason Prediction Contest but in the end, adamsite stayed ahead. He is the 2014 Nostradumbass of the Year.

While adamsite deserves his place at the top of the heap, my favorite prediction of the year remains Capt. Factorial's preseason prediction of Rudy Gay, a player not on our team at the time, being our highest single-game scorer for the season with 41 points. While Marcus Thornton had to be a butt and ruin it by breaking the record in a week, it was still incredible and should be noted.

Thank you all for playing, and I also want to give a special thanks to The Crown Royal Gentleman and his wife for all their help this season in tabulating scores from the daily prediction contests. I would not have had the time to be able to hold this contest without it.


You can find the full and final results of the contest here.

Also, Happy Easter!