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Watching the Playoffs hurts so good

Ronald Martinez

The NBA playoffs have almost gone on for a week now and once again, they are Kings-less.  That's obviously nothing new, but even with the Kings out of playoff contention for nearly a decade, it still hurts to watch these games and not be able to see my team play.

So I search for other things to root for in the playoffs.  I like rooting for upsets, and thus was both shocked and pleased when the 8th seeded Atlanta Hawks made mincemeat of the Pacers in Game 1 in Indiana.  I love seeing the effort of the Charlotte Bobcats in never giving up against the much more talented opponent.  The Wizards have stunned the Bulls by winning the first two on the road, in what has been a bit of a resurgence for Nene Hilario.  Then of course you have the Nets and Raptors going back and forth, former King against former Kings, and Masai Ujiri dropping F-bombs during pre-game rallies.

In the West, Golden State and the Clippers are going at it like two teams that absolutely hate each other.  As a fan of neither, I'm rooting for the one I dislike the least (Go Warriors!).  Dallas is showing that even though they're the 8th seed, they're not going to be taken down easily by San Antonio, losing Game 1 only after already being up double-digits and then blowing out the Spurs in Game 2 with the series headed back to Dallas.  Portland, the team that surprised everyone early in the season, showed it wasn't a fluke, taking a decisive 2-0 series lead on the road nonetheless.  Damian Lillard had some late game heroics in game 1, but LaMarcus Aldridge has been unstoppable, scoring 46 points in Game 1 and then 43 in Game 2.  Finally, the Grizzlies were able to overcome a bad Game 1 effort to tie the series back up, even surviving this absurd shot from Kevin Durant.

(Seriously, that's one of the most obscene shots I've ever seen)

Names, memories and rivalries are made in the playoffs and I can't wait until the Kings are once again back in it.  But until then, I'll be rooting for entertaining games, crazy shots, and game 7s all around.