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NBA Playoffs Open Thread Day 7

Telepathic high fives all around!
Telepathic high fives all around!
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

I've heard from a few of you that you guys would like Open Threads for the Playoffs, so your wish is my command.  These playoffs have had an especially exciting 1st round.  Maybe djrick can create a new drinking game for the playoffs? Maybe every time a team does something the Kings don't do but should do, everyone takes a drink? Actually that sounds dangerous given the amount of quality teams here... maybe when they screw up and do something the Kings would do!

Tonight we have:

#3 Toronto Raptors at  #6 Brooklyn Nets Game 3 (Series Tied 1-1) at 4:00 PM on ESPN2

#4 Chicago Bulls at #5 Washington Wizards Game 3 (Wizards up 2-0) at 5:00 PM on ESPN

#4 Houston Rockets at #5 Portland Trail Blazers Game 3 (Blazers up 2-0) at 7:30 PM on ESPN