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NBA Playoffs Open Thread Day 8

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Another exciting night of playoff basketball, and with a couple of game 4s on the table, series are in the balance!  I'll be especially interested to see how the Pacers respond and whether or not the Grizzlies can make it really tough on the Thunder.

Tonight we have:

#1 Indiana Pacers at #8 Atlanta Hakws Game 4 (Hawks up 2-1) at 11:00 AM on TNT

#1 San Antonio Spurs at #8 Dallas Mavericks Game 3 (Series tied 1-1) at 1:30 PM on TNT

#2 Miami Heat at #7 Charlotte Bobcats Game 3 (Heat up 2-0) at 4:00 PM on ESPN

#2 Oklahoma City Thunder at #7 Memphis Grizzlies Game 4 (Grizzlies up 2-1) at 6:30 PM on ESPN