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NBA Playoffs Open Thread Day 9

Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Sports

Playoff basketball continues, and it's amazing how many tight series there are.  The road team has surprisingly won more often than the home team, and there's only one series that's a sweep.  Tonight we have four matchups where the series can either be tied up or swing further into one team's favor.

Yesterday we had the first game-winner of these playoffs

What will tonight have in store for us? We have:

#4 Chicago Bulls at #5 Washington Wizards Game 4 (Wizards up 2-1) at 10:00 AM on ABC

#3 Los Angeles Clippers at #6 Golden State Warriors Game 4 (Clippers up 2-1) at 12:30 PM on ABC

#3 Toronto Raptors at #6 Brooklyn Nets Game 4 (Nets up 2-1) at 4:00 PM on TNT

#4 Houston Rockets at #5 Portland Trail Blazers Game 4 (Blazers up 2-1) at 6:30 PM on TNT