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Enjoy the silence

It's quiet. A little too quiet...

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

It sure is quiet around these parts, eh?  For the past few years, the end of the season has simply been the beginning of the battle for Kings fans.  Immediately after the final game our attention turned to the Board of Governors meeting, and event that wasn't even a blip on the radar this year.

We're past the torture of spending late April and early May glued to Twitter and StR comment threads, waiting for any snippet of news to break.

Instead, we're free to enjoy the playoffs, adopt a team perhaps (I'm kind of pulling for Portland to make a run at things), and start looking forward to the draft lottery on May 20th.  It's calm.  It's nice.  It's a little boring.  But it's the best boring I've ever experienced.

Soon enough things will kick back into high gear.  We'll have the draft lottery, the draft itself, free agency (which promises to be a whirlwind for us), Summer League, and it'll be the start of the season.  But for now I've just been enjoying the breather. The season takes its toll on me, and it's nice to recharge for a bit.

Personally, I'm planning to watch more of the playoffs as they progress and there are fewer games to track each day.  And I'm planning to supplement that with a heavy dose of actual draft research.  I want to watch more Draft Express videos.  I want to read more takes on potential future Kings.

Fear not, we're working on a few projects to keep you entertained this offseason.  But how about you?  Let's treat this as a How I Spent My Summer Vacation, but with a proactive approach.  What are you doing with your spare time now that the season is over?  How are you going to spend this offseason?