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Upcoming procedural steps for the downtown arena

Assistant City Manager John Dangberg says the city council will vote on the revised arena term sheet on May 13, according to the Sacramento Business Journal.

We're now entering the home stretch of getting the construction going on the new downtown Sacramento arena - there are just a few more things that need to happen.

Ben van der Meer of the Sacramento Business Journal had a pretty comprehensive outline Wednesday of what comes next for the arena project.

Here is what the updated timeline is looking like, according to Assistant City Manager John Dangberg in the Business Journal's report.

  • April 10 - City planning commission will evaluate the development agreement and establishing a special planning district.
  • April 22 - City staff will present a revised arena term sheet to the city council.
  • May 13 - City council will vote on the term sheet and other documents that, if approved, would finalize the deal and get the project going.
  • Early June - Downtown Plaza will begin to be taken apart. Fences will go up and other measures will be taken leading up to the demolition to protect the surrounding structures.
  • October/November - The arena construction will "go vertical."

For full details, make sure you check out Ben's piece.