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Rudy Gay ‘disappointed' that DeMarcus Cousins' album was fake

There will be no Boogie Smooth. Now what will Rudy Gay listen to in his car?

via DeMarcus Cousins' Instagram

When DeMarcus Cousins "announced" via social media that he would be releasing an R&B album under the name "Boogie Smooth," he had us all intrigued.

But before we got a chance to listen to the big man's new single "Emotional" on his debut "Misunderstood" album, it was leaked that the project was an April Fools' Day joke a day before April 1.

Some of us were disappointed. Some of us were relieved. One person who was disappointed was Cousins' teammate Rudy Gay, who says he could use some new tunes.

"Yeah man, I have a void right now, I have really nothing to listen to in my car so I was really looking forward to that CD," Gay told Sactown Royalty with a straight face that quickly changed to a smile.

OK, so Gay was joking and it is probably a good thing that he won't be subjected to "Boogie Smooth" in his ride. Cousins said his album wouldn't have been any better than the albums that Chris Webber and Shaquille O'Neal did.

"I would have been just as bad," said Cousins, who enjoys R&B music, but admitted that he definitely can't sing it.

Kings head coach Michael Malone wasn't as excited about the album as Gay was.

The idea for "Misunderstood," which was supposed to feature guest appearances from Chance the Rapper and Rick Ross, came from Cousins' friends, he said. The photo used as the album cover was apparently taken several months ago for his social media pages.

He expected that the joke would not make it to April 1.

"With me, I'm not good with keeping secrets so I knew it was eventually going to get out [that it wasn't real]," Cousins said.

So there it is. Now this is the only thing Rudy Gay will be able to listen to while he cruises in his car.