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Kings lose to Warriors in disgusting fashion.


Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

I'm going to give this recap the same amount of effort as the Kings did. In fact, this recap is showing up early, something the Kings did not do in this game, a game which saw them score 29 points in the first half and fall behind by as much as 42 points.

The Warriors are a much better team than the Kings.  That much is not in dispute.  But this game was seemingly decided from the get-go, with the first few minutes dominated by turnovers and bad shots.  In fact, the Kings had as many turnovers (6) as points in the early going.  At the time of this writing, there are 9 minutes left in the game and the Kings are down 36 and have 10 assists to 15 turnovers with 18 made field goals, shooting 29%.  Ray McCallum is shooting 1-11. Ben McLemore is 0-6. Golden State has 6 players in double figure scoring.  The Kings barely have two.

That's disgusting.  As a fan of this team, I don't ask much other than that the team show up and compete.  Tonight they didn't.

For the opposing perspective of the team that actually showed up to play, visit Golden State Of Mind.  Here's a box score if you want, but I will not be held accountable for broken monitors or sore foreheads from the facepalm you will give yourself.

Not to end on a sour note, good luck to Rudy Gay and his wife, who are expecting their first child any minute.

*** UPDATE ***

I waited until 11:00pm just to be certain nothing changed... but the Kings still lost by a lot.

Final Score:


Breakin' Records:

69 points incidentally, is a Sacramento era low for points scored in a game against the Warriors and it's the lowest total of the season.