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Kings vs. Thunder Preview: Bring it, Zeus

Another day, another tough game as Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and company are in town.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Durant and the Thunder come into town (7:00 pm on Comcast SportsNet California and KHTK 1140) and will be looking to get back on the right track after suffering two losses in a row. Aside from an injury to Thabo Sefolosha, the Thunder are at full strength, while the Kings will likely be once again without Isaiah Thomas.


Rudy Gay vs. Kevin Durant

There's no stopping Kevin Durant. There's no containing him either, especially with the personnel on this Kings roster. Sacramento's only hope of mitigating the inevitable damage done to them by Durant is for Rudy to get going as well. So far this season, he's played terrible against the Thunder, the only team he's played against where he's averaged less than 10 points a game. To be specific he's only scored 6.5 points on 33.3% shooting over two games. Those are not Rudy Gay numbers, and the Kings won't stand a chance if he doesn't break the trend.


1. As I mentioned above, the Thunder have hit a slight bump in the road, losing their last two games, although both losses came to good teams in Houston and Phoenix. At this point in the season, the Thunder will want to avoid any hiccups as they get ready for the playoffs.

2. Something completely arbitrary and unnecessary but still interesting that I'm watching as the season comes to a close: Can DeMarcus Cousins reach 50% shooting for the season? Right now he's at 49.7%, having hit 542 of 1090 shots. Assuming he continues to shoot his season average of about 16 shots a game for the rest of the season, he'd have to shoot about 53.8% to get to 50%. Over five games that's doable. Regardless of whether he makes it or not, he's made a big jump in his offensive efficiency this season, which is nice to see.

3. The McRookies have had a rough time against veteran teams like the Thunder this year. The Kings could use some big performances from them, although they'll have a tough task. McCallum's going up against perhaps the most athletic guard in the league in Russell Westbrook, and while McLemore won't have to go up against Sefolosha, he'll still see a lot of pressure thanks to Oklahoma City's good team defense. If just one of the McRookies can have a good game, I'll be pleased.


That Russell Westbrook.
he must not be a point guard,
since he's not pass-first.


Kings 84, Thunder 108 because even though it would be hilarious and exhilarating, we probably aren't winning this game.