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NBA Playoffs Open Thread Day 13

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Three games tonight, and each of them have the chance to be the final game in their series.  Can the Hawks put the Pacers out of their misery and straight into what is sure to a crazy offseason as they try to figure out what went wrong?  Can the Grizzlies grit and grind their way over Kevin Durant and the Thunder? More importantly can we have a fifth straight overtime game?  And can the Clippers move on from the Sterling scandal into the second round? Or maybe we'll just have a bunch of game 7s, which given how entertaining this first round has been wouldn't be a bad thing at all.

Tonight's schedule:

#1 Indiana Pacers at #8 Atlanta Hawks Game 6 (Hawks up 3-2) at 4:00 PM on NBA TV

#2 Oklahoma City Thunder at #7 Memphis Grizzlies Game 6 (Grizzlies up 3-2) at 5:00 PM on TNT

#3 Los Angeles Clippers at #6 Golden State Warriors Game 6 (Clippers up 3-2) at 7:30 PM on TNT