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The Royal Portrait #2: Disney Edition

We started you off easy with a simple portrait last time, now things get magical!

We started you guys off easy. A simple portrait of a Hall of Fame Player, and the results were still great. Who would have thought that so many visionaries could meet on just one web site. While there were many worthy candidates, only one could be victorious...

And the Winner Is...



This was truly a wonderful piece filled with mindboggling symbolism, subtle nuances, and a real attention to detail. From the muscles, to the red teeth, (presumably from his enemies' blood), to the hops. It is truly a modern classic. On top of the ridiculous detail of Trout, Salmons is seen in the back doing what he does best: watching his man dunk the ball like it is no ones business. You, SactoRyan, are a national treasure. I am inspired!


The first votes in the head to head contest are in, and by and with 58% of the votes I have defeated Greg in a real clash of the Titans, bringing my record to 1-0. We are still deciding what the loser has to do at the end of the off season.

THIS WEEKS THEME: Your Favorite King As A Disney Character





We let you start easy last week, but this week, we are really going to make you show off. Create a mashup of your favorite player with any Disney character or moment that you choose!

Now, remember, this is not a photoshop challenge, this is about ART! Whether you use MSPaint, your phone, real paint, or a chisel, let that Disney magic flow into every piece of art your produce.

And don't forget to vote on our submissions.