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The Kings will have plenty of options to acquire another pick


Pete D'Alessandro has mentioned in multiple interviews that he'd be interested in buying into the second round this year since the Kings have no pick of their own.  Second round picks can be extremely valuable if they're good picks because you can get big production for a very small contract.  The current Kings roster has several second round picks on their rookie contracts currently: Isaiah Thomas, Quincy Acy and Ray McCallum.

The easiest way for D'Alessandro to get a second round pick is simply to send cash to a team with multiple picks, of which there are several this year:

Milwaukee: 31st, 48th

Philadeliphia: 32nd, 39th, 47th, 52nd, 54th

Dallas:  34th, 51st

Toronto: 37th, 59th

Minnesota: 40th, 44th, 53rd

Denver: 41st, 56th

San Antonio: 58th, 60th

Additionally, the Phoenix Suns have three first round picks (14th, 18th, 27th), and I doubt they'll want three rookies on their team next year.  The Kings will have plenty of options in which to acquire another pick, although of course it will depend on who they'd want to draft.  Just as a hypothetical, maybe the Kings really like Adreian Payne's potential as a shot-blocking stretch four next to DeMarcus Cousins, but don't want to spend the 7th pick on him.  Would it then be worth it to trade the 7th pick to Phoenix for the 14th and 18th picks and get Payne along with someone else, like Rodney Hood or Zach LaVine (I'm just spouting names here)? Maybe.  Draft day should be very interesting for the Kings this year.