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NBA Playoffs Open Thread Day 14

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Last night we had three elimination games and all three teams facing elimination won to force a Game 7.  Tonight we have the same situation with the Nets, Mavericks and Rockets all needing to win to stay alive for at least one more game.  With three game 7s already on the table, there's a chance for history to be made tonight, as no playoffs in history has had more than five game 7s in all the rounds combined.  We already have three in the first round and could have up to six. Glorious.

Tonight's schedule:

#3 Toronto Raptors at #6 Brooklyn Nets Game 6 (Raptors up 3-2) at 4:00 PM on ESPN2

#1 San Antonio Spurs at #8 Dallas Mavericks Game 6 (Spurs up 3-2) at 5:00 PM on ESPN

#4 Houston Rockets at #5 Portland Trail Blazers Game 6 (Blazers up 3-2) at 7:30 PM on ESPN