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Arena Financing Passes 7 to 2

Signed, sealed, delivered.

It's done.  It's finally over.  The Sacramento Kings will have a new building and they will be here for 37 more years at the very minimum.

The Sacramento City Council today voted 7 to 2 to pass the financing for the proposed arena in the Downtown Plaza.  The beginning of the demolition and building process will start tomorrow, with noticeable heavy demolition starting as early as July.  By October of 2016, there will be a new building for the Kings to play in.

This arena vote is the culmination of a herculean effort by Kevin Johnson and the city of Sacramento to get this deal done in the last few years.  Multiple attempts by multiple mayors and city councilmembers to get one done with the Maloof Family repeatedly failed in the late stages and some doubted the Kings would ever get a building approved.  The lack of a new building and/or a feasible plan was at the heart of Sacramento's two relocation attempts in the past three years.

But that's now done.  We knew going into tonight that this vote was all but a formality, but even still, it's a huge moment for this city, fanbase and local community.

Tonight I'm proud to be a Sacramentan.  Long live the Kings.