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Royal Portrait #3: GODZILLA!!!!

Sorry for the delay in this edition. This edition took a lot of extra work. Things are about to get crazy in here! In honor of Godzilla attacking theatres this last weekend, this weeks theme is Godzilla!

The last wave of commissions have been judged, and the critics have spoken. For the second week in a row. SactoRyan


Channelling Van Gogh via Pablo Picasso, SactoRyan really hit it out of the park in his rendition of Pete D'Allesandro and DeMarcus Cousins discussing the contract extension last offseason. Vibrant colors, expressionism, intrigue, this painting has a little bit of everything. Can SactoRyan be dethroned this week, or will he go for the fabled threepeat?


Godzilla attacked theatres this last weekend, and as such, it is only right that we pay tribute to everyone's favorite lizard. That is why this weeks theme is Godzilla. This can be your favorite king fighting Godzilla, your favorite king as Godzilla, or anything else that comes into your evil little mind.

Head 2 Head

Apparently Greg paid off voters, and he beat me with 66% of the votes last weekend, bringing the series to 1-1, but this week, I am coming for blood! For a little reference on this weeks theme, and for your voting pleasure, here is this weeks contribution to the StR art museum!