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Sign Lady's Hall Of Fame Acceptance Speech

The Sacramento King's #1 fan was inducted into the Hall of Fame today and her acceptance speech was PERFECTION.

Barbara Rust, the Sign Lady, was inducted into the ESPN Fan Hall of Fame today. She wasn't able to attend the induction ceremony in Bristol Connecticut due to ongoing breast cancer treatments, but i'm happy to report that she WAS able to watch the untelevised event. Barbara's friends/family, select Kings staffers, front office executives (including Chris Granger and GM Pete D'Alessandro), and media we're invited to attend the event and support Sign Lady as she watched on a private ESPN live-feed streamed directly into the Kings locker room. As she wasn't able to make the trip to the ESPN campus, Sign Lady pre-recorded an amazing acceptance speech that EVERY Kings fan needs to see.

I want to take this opportunity to personally congratulate and THANK Barbara for representing Sacramento Kings fans so well. She is the embodiment of everything we should strive to be as fans. I'm proud to call her my friend and i'm so happy she was recognized in such an amazing way.

Congrats Barb!