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Introducing...The Royal Portrait (The OFFICIAL StR MSPaint Competition)

Sactown Royalty offers everyone an opportunity to express themselves through words. But Greg and I have decided that it is time to allow you to express yourself through another classic form of communication: Art.

Many of us have our own voices here in a variety of different mediums, but it is time that we turn up the class a little bit on this site and start embracing the finer things in life. Art is one of the earliest known achievements by human beings. It can be used to communicate, tell a story, make a statement, sell a product, and pretty much anything else. And that is where Sactown Royalty comes in to play. This off season, we will be holding a weekly competition for all of you fine artists out there.

In this modern world, it is pretty much universally known that Michaelangelo and Da Vinci would have used Microsoft Paint, or similar software to make their masterpieces today, and we want YOU to show off YOUR skills. Whether you are a MSPaint Picasso, or have the skills of a First Grader who just discovered a computer, we want to see YOUR work. Every week, we will have a theme (obviously Kings related), and it is up to you to put your pen to paper (or in this case mouse to screen, finger to touchscreen, or fancy drawing pen thingy to fancy drawing pad thingy) and let your inner Van Gogh out! (Actually, if you really want to put pen, pencil, paint, or chisel to work, feel free!) It is really that simple. Some may be as simple as a portrait, while others may dive deeper into the stranger realm. With all that said, let your creative juices flow!

We also want you to vote for which of our drawings you like better.  We'll keep track each week, and after a designated length of time the lose will have to suffer a punishment yet to be determined.


1. This is all for for fun. While this is technically a MSPaint competition, whether or not you want to go all out, it is up to you! This really is for entertainment. Whatever program, app, pencil, paper, paint, cave drawing, or sculpting equipment, or Play Doh you want to use is up to you! (Actually, Play Doh is encouraged.)

2. That said, while cutouts are fine as part of the art, this is for "Drawn" or "painted" "art".

3. When you see Greg and I's sample masterpieces, don't get too discouraged at how professional and great they look. It takes decades of practice to get to the MSPaint level that we have reached.

4. Winner is decided by the number of recs.

5. For your entry to be considered it must be posted on this page.

6. Painting on ceilings other than your own is illegal in most places.

7. Same goes for Graffiti.

8. I'm basically just making stuff up at this point


10. Winner will be announced the following week. Prizes may include, but are not guaranteed to be. (Nothing, A Marcin Gortat headshot signed by Kevin Fippin. A Kevin Fippin headshot signed by Marcin Gortat. A friendly Tweet. Lifelong fame, and much, much, more!)

This Week's Theme is


Paint him in whatever way you seem fit. Greg and I both did one for my Jesty post, which caused the discussion to begin with! Draw him in whatever way you deem necessary!

For a little bit of  reference. Here are the masterpieces that Greg and I came up with.





Remember, don't let our advanced abilities intimidate you!