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Vonleh, Smart and Ennis among Highlights of Sacramento's First Pre-Draft Workout

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

The Kings announced their first of what will likely be many pre-draft workouts over the next few weeks, and we're already seeing some big names mentioned.  The Kings will hold two separate workouts on Monday.

Workout #1:

Eric Moreland (Oregon State) 6-10, 218 forward-center

Elfrid Payton (Louisiana-Lafayette) 6-3, 190 guard

Marcus Smart (Oklahoma State) 6-4, 220 guard

Noah Vonleh (Indiana) 6-10, 240 forward-center

Workout #2:

John Bohannon (UTEP) 6-10, 210 center

Tyler Ennis (Syracuse) 6-2, 180 guard

Stephen Holt (St. Mary's (CA)) 6-4, 195 guard

Brendan Lane (Pepperdine) 6-10, 235 forward-center


The biggest names involved are of course Noah Vonleh, Marcus Smart and Tyler Ennis, with Elfrid Payton after that.  Vonleh, Smart and Ennis all could be in play at the #8 spot, and Payton has enough game that I could see him being a dark horse selection there, or more likely, an option should the Kings move down.  Of the rest of the prospects, only Moreland is projected to be drafted.