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Pete D'Alessandro hosting a Reddit AMA tomorrow

The Kings General Manager takes to Reddit to answer fan questions starting at 11 am.


Tomorrow at 11 am Pacific Time, Sacramento Kings General Manager Pete D'Alessandro will be hosting a Reddit AMA.  For those who don't know, AMA means "Ask Me Anything" where fans and the public can post whatever questions they want in hope of getting an answer.  It's sort of a public, unscripted interview, although of course D'Alessandro will get to choose which questions he answers.

If you don't have a Reddit account yet, I'd definitely recommend creating one if you want to participate in the conversation.  Just to save some of you guys some time and effort though (and to hopefully inspire some more interesting questions), I wouldn't bother asking about specific players in either the draft or Free Agency, as NBA rules would prevent D'Alessandro from answering those anyway.  Questions about current Kings players and personnel are okay though.

We will have a full recap of D'Alessandro's Q&A after it happens, and in the meantime be sure to check out his four-part Q&A on to get a sense of some of the questions he's already taken the time to answer:

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